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Sputnik Eyes app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 3408 ratings )
Games Puzzle Entertainment Adventure
Developer: Shelly Alon
1.99 USD
Current version: 1.5, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 13 Aug 2015
App size: 62.52 Mb

"Sputnik Eyes is definitely a gem for all puzzle game fans" - AppAdvice
"[...]the most satisfying $2 I have spent in a while" - 8.8 / 10 - GameMob

Sputnik Eyes is a puzzle game that will take you on a journey across space.

Help the little Eyes to scan and explore each planet on the way. The objective is clear, the paths to reach it entwined. Use your logical thinking and help each of your robotic companions to reach its right-colored position – only then you can analyize a planet. But the positions are only reachable by a few paths.....

Sputnik Eyes is a classic puzzle: entertaining but a real brainteaser. Think sharp, explore all the planets and help your robotic companions!

∞ Over 60 handmade levels to explore
∞ And even more randomly generated levels
∞ Fantastic landscapes and cute robots
∞ Space, planets, robots, what could you want more?

Handmade by Shelly Alon ∞

Pros and cons of Sputnik Eyes app for iPhone and iPad

Sputnik Eyes app good for

It is simple, clever, very atmospheric, holy cow, it even contains robots! ;) Thanks shelly for this non-free-2-play experience!
Love the music, graphics, transitions, really well done. Congrats to the Developer!
Game is very well done, good flow and music that doesnt make me want to plug my ears.
Some levels are easy, some are not. Great little time waster.
Thank you, Shelley Alon!! Its rare to find a game that doesnt become boring after the first couple of times playing it. That this app only has 200 reviews is unfortunate. It seems so many talented developers dont get due credit for their creativity and effort not to mention their generosity. The App store sure doesnt help get the word out. Anyway, the game is Ads free and free of charge, so rare. all this to say that this game is a lot of fun and I recommend it to anybody and everybody! :)

Some bad moments

It introduces its only mechanics in the first 4 levels, and then gives you essentially the same level over, and over, and over. Its insanely boring.
Absolutely love this game. Great little puzzler with an impressive level of polish!
Wow! A good app of the weed! This games graphic is really awesome, Gameplay is fun, and storyline is really cool. I can spend a lot of time for it. I recommend it
Its a really good and fun game, especially for puzzle lovers!!
I can spend hours trying to figure out a puzzle,because when you pass it,it is the best feeling
This game isnt hard, over all, but its a great little puzzler. I cant recommend it highly enough, its a simple game that definitely deserves your attention